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Sullivan St. Bakery… and Bar?

A little while back Jim Lahey sold his interest in the Sullivan St. Bakery in Soho to focus his attention on the branch in Hell’s Kitchen (47th between 10th and 11th).  It’s where everything is made (and transported around the city)- PLUS there’s a small counter where those of us unlucky enough to live West of 10th Avenue, can pick up their delicious pizza, bread and now sandwiches to-go.  The sandwiches were introduced a few months ago replacing a lot of the baked sweets.

Well it looks like the real change is coming now… Walking by the Sullivan St. Bakery today, I saw a public notice in the window… an application for a liquor license.  Apparently they are going to be breaking down a wall and turning the whole front of the operation into a place for more then just take-out bread and pizza.  Right now the right side and left side are seperated by a wall, with the left side used to store the bread before it’s loaded onto the delivery trucks to make it’s way around the city.

Who knows how long it will take… but it will certainly be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  I’m sure the amazing pizzas they have will be delicious with a nice microbrew, or glass of wine.  After yesterday’s NY Post Hooker article, it seems like there’s some folks in the neighborhood who could use a little drink!

A funny side note… there was a cooking camp for kids getting a tour of the bakery while I was there, and I got to snap this photo.  Looks like Mario Batali fans might skew a little younger then we thought!

Sullivan Street Bakery, 533 W. 47th St. (btw. 10th & 11th), 212-265-5580


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El Centro

elcentroI read a review of El Centro by Nosher this week that echoed exactly how I felt when I ate there in February.  The expectiations, the disappointment, and most of all, the optimism for the place's potential- if just a few little changes were made.  Here's the gist of what was written:

When Chopper, HungryMan, and I visited recently, we found lots of passably decent dishes–and we ordered quite a bit of food–with nary a standout in the bunch. Nothing we ate was bad, by any means, but none of it made us want to rush back to El Centro.

While I did think the frozen margarita I drank during dinner was great, I hope that El Centro isn’t going to settle for mere adequacy in its food, especially when its problems seem to be simple ones, problems that might be eliminated with a few hours of watchful kitchen supervision on the part of the management. After all, it would be a shame to fill Vynl’s old digs with a restaurant that amounts to little more than a margarita bar that just happens to serve food [NYCNOSH]

When we went, El Centro had only been open for a week- and being a really big Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant) fan, I was pretty excited.  El Centro is the authentic mexican "street food" offshoot to Hell's Kitchen, a more upscale restaurant with Mexican flavors.  I like to think of it as what Fatty Crab is to 5 Ninth.  Same chef, right around the corner, stripped down- more authentic food.  I didn't necessarily think the food was going to be as good as Hell's Kitchen (after all it was billed as straight up Mexican street food), but I felt like it was going to be a great addition to the neighborhood.

In the end, while it was a really fun place to drink and eat with friends- the food that we got did not live up to how good it sounded on the menu.

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Market Cafe

You always have to be careful recommending a neighborhood joint to people who live outside your hood. Your enthusiasm for that suprisingly good little place, right around the corner, might be mis-placed when talking to someone who might have to jump on a subway or in a cab for the same meal. Market Cafe definetely falls into that category.

This little New American "diner", masquerading as a bistro, might not be worth a trip out of your way… but it still has a lot going for it. A casual atmosphere, with that dash of sophistication that dimly shines through on a few stand out dishes make it a great place to head to if you are already going to be in the southern part of Hell's Kitchen. Add to that prices that are borderline laughable (compared to similar restaurants in the area), and you've got a winner. Just don't expect too much… or you may end up disappointed.

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