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Bouchon Bakery (To Go)

Sunday in the Park w. the PoopsterSUNDAY IN THE PARK w/ Thomas K.

Living in a city like this, there isn't a more relaxing thing to do then having a picnic in Central Park (with the Poopster- seen left).  So when the Bouchon Bakery opened in the Time Warner Center I knew my first food purchased there would be taken to go, and eaten just across Columbus Circle in the Southwest corner of Central Park. 

It's actually a no-brainer, if you think about it- if for no other reason then you don't have to stare at the much ridiculed Samsung sign that hangs over the dining area of Thomas Keller's (Per Se, French Laundry) new french style boulangerie.  The food here is not exactly cheap eats… but then again with Per Se costing over $200 per person (and that's just for the food), and just one floor above, you don't mind paying the extra couple bucks per sandwich… especially if it's good (which thankfully it was!)

Bouchon Bakery To GoI've actually been to the Time Warner Center 4 or 5 times since the Bouchon Bakery has opened… staring through the glass cases at the sandwiches, pre made salads and soups, declicious pastries, french style macaroons, and cakes… but never actually ordered anything.  The situation just didn't seem right- until this weekend.  With the sun out, and picnic blanket in hand, we walked over to Columbus Circle from our Hell's Kitchen apartment ready to see if the acclaim Thomas Keller's has gotten for his expensive french food, could be transferred to a $9 sandwich. 

What we got, the pictures and the +/- after the jump…

Vegetable Jardiniere ($9.25)

Wow… was this sandwich good. They had some displayed on top of the sandwich display case- but these are just for display.  Ours was made fresh… we had to wait about five minutes while they made it, but it was worth it.  Roasted Fennel, Red Peppers, Portabella, and Gruyere.  I think they make it with whatever fresh vegetables they have.  It was hot, and the toasted multi-grain bread was smothered with some sort of herb pesto.  Really really good.

Roast Pork Tonnato on Pain Campagne ($9.25)

This sandwich was not nearly as good as the Vegetable Jardiniere, but if you like pork, it was really good. Much better then it looks actually. Really delicious slices of roast pork loin  w/ a tuna aoili, red pickled onions and watercress.  So good… but should definetely be eaten before the Jardiniere if you don't want to be disappointed.

They also have soups, salads and all sort of baked goods.  We had the chocolate chip cookie, and the chocolate macaroon- both which were delicious.


  • With Whole Foods in the basement of the Time Warner Center, you now have two great places to pick up picnic food before heading to Central Park
  • Chance to eat Thomas Keller food, without paying Per Se prices


  • It is a little expensive… especially some of the baked goods. Although, the take out prices are cheaper then the sit down restaurant prices.
  • It's just a cafe… if you go expecting Per Se, you will be disappointed

Bouchon Bakery, 3rd Floor of the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, 212.823.9366

Closed on Sundays… so if you are going to picnic- you have to do it on Saturday.


June 20, 2006 - Posted by | Food: Bakery, Food: Cafe, Food: French, Food: Sandwiches, Location: Midtown West, Location: Upper West Side, Price: Moderate


  1. give me that dog

    Comment by pinknest | July 14, 2006 | Reply

  2. My sister works at Proskauer Rose LLP 1585 Broadway Rm.1727,New York. I live in Tacoma, Washington and would like to send a gift basket of pastries and muffins to her at her office but could not find a website for delivery. Is this possible? Thanks, Nancy

    Comment by Nancy Gotcher | June 16, 2008 | Reply

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